Pushing Taoism

13 Jun

Our second App, Pushing Taoism was a lot more difficult to make. Despite the simplicity of the app – it really doesn’t do much but act as a quote archive and occasionally drawing from that archive to provide a push notification that might be inspirational or something to reflect on – I went through three developers / contractors and probably spent about $500 total. Perhaps even a bit more when I think of it. It also took about two or three months to get into the app store and even now it has some problems that I need to solve.

Try it out by clicking on the graphic to get to the iTunes page. It’s also free, but it does have a premium component that will unlock a larger quote archive that I hope to be expanding soon.

I’m down to 6% power on my battery, so like it or not, I have to stop here. More on this app and where we would like this one to go in my followup post.


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