oDesk Contracting for Pushing Taoism

18 Jun

I had reminded myself to write a little about oDesk contracting. 

I say this because I, and I imagine many other people, turn to contracting sites like oDesk only for the access to programers / coders. However, one of the best experiences I have had with oDesk was in contracting an artist to create the art for the icon and main screen of the ‘Pushing Taoism’ app. I dealt with a fantastic artist named Catarina Garcia, located in Lisbon, Portugal. You can find her art at:

She worked with me to identify exactly what kind of final product I was interested in, provided several sample pieces and then produced a final work in just a couple weeks. I think it only took this long because our email communications were not always immediate – otherwise, I feel confident that she could have produced my art pieces in a matter of days.


This experience really opened my eyes as to a world of interesting possibilities working with professionals in a number of disciplines. I look forward to turning to oDesk again in the future for other art and design projects – I have even considered doing a small translation project as well.


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