27 Jun

A quick outline on what we need to do to get a simple app:

1. The hard part (make the app itself – I’ve already posted an outline of the way this might be coded, I’ll certainly spend a lot more time fleshing this out here as we go)

2. Setting up space with apple to publish this app

a. Come up with a good name (I’m thinking of something like ‘codeBreaker’ or safeCracker) and reserve that on iTunes Connect (the developer side of iTunes)

b. Describe the app, put together a prototype with artwork to make screenshots and Icons required in iTunes Connect and certainly required to make the app itself.

Presently, I’ve chosen the name SafeCracker! and made up a quick mock of an icon in powerpoint (shown). You have to have an icon and at least one screenshot to reserve the name with, but you can change these as you go along the process. As I said, I made an icon that will have to be refined and for now, I’m using a screenshot from another app to placehold. You need to add some other details as well in the registration form, but most of those are simply things you can make up on the spot. For instance, I use the 6 digit date as my SKU number.Image

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