More on setting up the mastermind app

28 Jun

In my last post I mentioned that several things had to be set up in iTunes Connect, but I didn’t provide much in the way of details. Here, I’m uploading a couple screenshots to show what kind of setup was done. I am assuming that you already have a developer account and can sign into iTunes Connect with it. The first screenshot if of iTunes Connect after signing in. This is the main menu page where you can look at stats of previous apps you’ve made, read your contracts, adjust financial information or goto ‘manage apps’ to see what you have going on right now – this is also the place where you make new apps.

Go into the manage tab and you will see something that looks like screenshot #2. For DHS, this presently shows that we have two apps available on the app store (green lights), one that had a problem that I still need to fix (red light) and the new one I just made (SafeCracker! -which has a yellow light).

If you click on any of these apps, you will see info about them. I clicked on the new SafeCracker! app and was taken to a screen that looks like screenshot#3.

You can create a new app from the screenshot#2 page and you will be prompted to enter info that you see in my screenshot #3. As I said before, you may have to upload some placeholders until you have artwork made up.



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