Heat, Drought and Fireworks

01 Jul

Our little hometown newpaper had a note from the fire-chief that I thought was both amusing and a bit scary. It’s been 100+ degrees for about as long as I can remember here. And I’m not sure that it’s rained at all since March. So, the ground is dry, the ponds and creeks have turned to dirt (they were mud for a while, but that dried up) and just about every piece of vegetation dried up and turned to kindling.

Naturally, it makes sense to remind people that Colorado is on fire and things aren’t going well because the midwest (at least) has dried up and is on its way to becoming a desert, so perhaps now if not the best times to light any fires that aren’t very carefully controlled.

Oh, but wait – it’s July 1 tomorrow – and that means the fourth of July is only a couple days away. Let me check the forecast… huh, 100 degrees or hotter every day and 0% chance of precipitation. Have I mentioned that we’re in Kansas? So the worst thing in the world you can do is have the government make a suggestion to the people. That leaves our poor fire-chief in a tight spot for counseling caution when setting off fireworks.

He was very vague and didn’t say not to do anything. He just said, “Considering how hot and dry it’s been, it might be a good idea to aim your twirling firey whizz poppers over water. And keep a fire extinguisher on hand. And a bucket of water. And a hose. And… well, call me as soon as things get even slightly out of control. Please.”


I have my fingers crossed. Our house backs up to some woods that all look like they could spontaneously combust just from the heat – even without and added flame or spark.


Have a fun 4th of July to all my American friends. And please cross your fingers for us if you’re from elsewhere and just watching the show.Image

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