Berg Reichenstein, Trechenhauser

11 Jul

As I said a couple of posts ago, we enjoyed our stay in Berg Reichenstein. I notImageiced that a lot of reviews are from people who have been pretty unhappy about their experiences there and I can understand completely. If I had gone under different circumstances or with different expectations, I might easily have been disappointed as well. However, we knew about what to expect and chose this hotel specifically because of its friendliness to children and wonderful location along the Rhein. Knowing this, we got exactly what we wanted and more. In addition to having a good stay and being able to give our son a bath (a great boon), the owner also had a small child named Constantine that was a few years younger than our boy and the two of them had a great time running around exploring. Constantine couldn’t speak any English and our son only speaks a couple of words of German, but it turns out not to matter when you’re both small boys and you have the run of a 12th century castle.

We wish that we had booked more days at Reichenstein and would love to return someday while the boys are both still young. 


One last note: there are an insane number of hunting trophies covering every wall of the castle. I expect the animals are still recovering.

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