Time off is bad

23 Jul

Oh Boy!

Every time I sit for an hour or so working on coding, I feel so comfortable about what I’ve learned and think, “No problem – I can sign off now and come back to finish this thing tomorrow easy.”

Then I do it and come back only to find that I can’t remember how to do any of this stuff. “Crap! What’s a constructor and how do I build one?! What are the several ways to build an object? I don’t remember any of this stuff!!”


I have the time to work now, but between all these crazy panics and black spots in my memory – and the fact that I’m trying to move over onto a new computer (and didn’t bring the old one with all my notes even with me!) – I’m lost. It’s like starting over.

I’m trying to finish the codecademy blackjack game and I’m really frightened that I’m screwing myself up and twisting my mind into knots trying to solve this thing.

what the hell is a ‘parse error’ anyway?

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