The word ‘desertification’ keeps coming to mind

31 Jul

Here I am moaning and complaining about the weather again. But I just can’t stand these deathly hot, dry days one after another after another.

I’m reminded of a Star Trek Next Generation episode where Captain Picard wakes up in another man’s life. In this life he’s married and a naturalist who discovers that his planet is suffering from a world-wide drought and, in fact, this life experience is a window into the culture of an extinct world. This isn’t a very good explanation – check it out yourself. The episode is called “Inner Light.”

Please don’t let this drought be the Midwest’s Inner Light. At least not while I’m living here.


OK, in other news, I just posted another article to AppCampus about how I think video games can be harnessed to improve education in the sciences (or perhaps any subject).

I also need to put together the work we did here on the Blackjack program (codecademy project) into a neat posting for that site’s message board. I think the whole code with sufficient notation and some commentary should be a valuable contribution there.



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