Ideal Gas Law Followup 2

04 Aug

I took my son to a gymnastics / indoor playground today (to beat the heat but get some exercise). It was great because they had bleachers where I could sit and watch once in a while and also WiFi, so I could work as well. That gave me enough time to finish my first draft and then first edit of the Ideal Gas Law project.

One thing I should mention is that it isn’t actually about the Ideal Gas Law. To be strict, that would add information that I simply didn’t put into my project. So, to be true, it’s really a ‘Combined Gas Law’ project.

I’m still looking through artists’ profiles and trying to decide what I really want to spend on this, but even without the final art, it still looks pretty nice on the iPad as an iBook.

I also started looking into how to get iBook projects into iTunes. As I’ve come to expect, it’s a pain. Like selling apps, you have to set up an iTunes Connect account – however, it’s not allowed to use the same iTunes Connect account as you use for the apps. Additionally, you can’t use the same Apple ID as was used for that account either. Nor cab you have the same email or physical address as that other Apple ID. Since I only have one physical address, I had to work-around by adding some superfluous language to my address. That seemed to work (although the account has not yet been approved, so we’ll see).


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