Fun with Arrays

01 Sep

In Codecademy this week I’m studying Arrays in Javascript. Arrays were introduced much earlier in this track, but in this unit the subject is expanded to include Multi-dimensional Arrays, how to create them, add to them, splice out of them and loop through them.

Amazingly, this is not my first experience with Multi-dimensional Arrays – but it is the first time that I meant to do so. I had a lot of trouble with an outside project I was working on early in the ‘course’ and determined that I could solve my problem by creating one of these cool Array things I had just learned about. I don’t know how I did it, but I somehow kept creating a Multi-dimensional Array by accident. 

So – this is not my first time working with these constructs, but it is the first time I’ve known what I’m doing. Well, sort of. I find the most difficult thing to come to terms with is the syntax, not the concept. I would like to come up with another outside project dealing with these kind of Arrays and I would love some input. 


1. Simple concept, nothing mind-bending to comprehend

2. Something hard enough that it requires making and handling one or more Multi-Dimensional Array to Solve

3. Something that requires interesting enough manipulation of the arrays that solving the problem will leave me feeling confident in dealing with all aspects of the topic



One Kind of Array

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