05 Sep

Today was day 3 of Programming Fundamentals, which uses the teaching program, Alice to introduce programming concepts to beginner students. It’s pretty easy overall – most of the complications I face have to do with just finding the right command or dealing with the program itself – not problems with the concepts taught.

Today we played with ‘Events’ – these are things that are done following some trigger. Technically, an event trigger occurs (press of a button, the world starts, etc) and this precipitates the event handler (the code that should play following the event). Doing this in Alice makes it very easy to manipulate objects in a world – even creating whole functional worlds with a lot going on.

I’m considering coming up with a project that this language can handle – something simple, like a zombie simulation. I’ll post my results.

If you have any experience coding in Alice, let me know if you ever did anything with it beyond playing around and learning intro stuff.



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