The Thirteenth Labor of Heracles Released

06 Oct

The Oracle at Delphi

DownHouse Software released The Thirteenth Labor of Heracles iBook today.

The Thirteenth Labor of Heracles is a mythological tale describing a forgotten labor of the great hero Heracles. In completing this labor, Heracles not only earns his freedom, but also gains an understanding of the natural world. Specifically, this tale centers around the laws that govern the behavior of gasses.

This reading, and the problems that it incorporates, complements an introductory chemistry or physics course discussing the states of matter. It presents clear descriptions of how the Gas Laws of Boyle, Charles and Gay-Lussac operate independently and how they come together into a Combined Gas Law.


The Thirteenth Labor of Heracles

Download the iBook for your iPad by following the link below

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One response to “The Thirteenth Labor of Heracles Released

  1. Fiona T

    October 7, 2012 at 12:51 am

    Hi Jack, thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting about literacy in science teaching. I like the look of your i-book, and have read through the preview. When I get access to the i-pad I’ll have a closer look (my 6 yo seems to think it is his…LOL). I must get around to starting a blogroll for my blog too, as the range of blogs I am following for this PhD journey is becoming wider and wider. All the best with the app developing 😀


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