Debate Season

12 Oct

So far I’ve watched three debates and I’m looking forward to more. Unfortunately, we only had one chance to watch Biden and Ryan discuss the issues and their campaign’s positions on them. I thought the Vice Presidential debate was great because it was well moderated (what a relief), engaging and I think we actually got to hear more frank and interactive discussion than we see from candidates at the top of the ticket. Further, both candidates brought their A game – I don’t think anyone thinks either candidate was unprepared or asleep at the switch.

However, there was another debate that was both highly entertaining and informative this year: Stewart and O’Reilly’s ‘Rumble in the Air-Conditioned Auditorium.’ Here O’Reilly played the part of Obama and was less engaged than I would have liked to have seen him and moderation was as farcical as the title of the debate itself. Of course this debate was largely in fun, but there was a lot of honest and detailed discussion of the issues… well, maybe not that. Actually, I felt that this debate should have been titled, ‘Which is the real world?’ because listening to the two debaters, you would definitely assume that they could not be talking about the same planet.

Anyway, I thought I’d see what you guys thought.

ps – here’s a link to last night’s debate on Youtube if you missed it:

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