Unit II (Genes, Inheritance and Evolution) ppt files posted

01 Nov

Money may be inherited from parents to children (as seen here in this illustration of how the Walmart fortune was dispersed following the deaths of Bud and Sam Walton. ) Why is this? What do parents have to gain by giving resources to their children? Why might some children be disinherited if it is found that they are not the biological offspring of the father? There is a very reasonable biological basis to this behavior and we will be discussing that in Unit II.

My class can find the Unit II powerpoint files posted on the blackboard site.

Note that this unit does NOT follow the chapters of Mader et al very exactly. I strongly recommend that you continue reading the chapters closely (23, 24, 25, 27 and 33) as you will be responsible for the end of chapter questions. However, it also becomes more important for you to come to class and keep up with the lectures and handbook chapters as there is material you will be responsible for that is not in the text.

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