BBC’s Science Club with Dara O Briain

06 Dec

This show contains an excellent primer on genetics in the early couple minutes of this show – although the rest seems great too.

Why Evolution Is True

I’ve always been a fan of Dara O Briain—well, at least since I’ve known of this “strident” atheistic comedian and science love, which has been about a year.  Reader Tom told me that not only did O Briain have a new show, “Science Club” on the BBC, but that the first episode was on YouTube. (Watch it now folks, because once the Beeb finds out, it’s gone).

Further, the episode is on genetics and inheritance, and the special guest my old friend Steve Jones (quite eloquent, as always), as well as several other guests and talking heads.

It’s a bit of a dog’s breakfast, with some glaringly disparate bits (e.g., the interpolated history of the bicycle), and the discussion of epigenetics was muddled and overblown, but overall I liked this episode.  The science is pretty good, and the discussion of whether the Human Genome Project has lived up to its…

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