26 Jan

All but extinct: the Stresemann’s Bristlefront.
This article states that only about 15 of these birds remain alive. Consider why this might be considered too few animals to ever recover. To what number can a species be reduced and have a chance to recover? (this is not necessarily a question that can be reasonably answered, but on interesting thought experiment and a consideration that wildlife conservationists make regularly.) Given the unliklihood of this species’ recovery, should resources still be spent to try to maintain them? What is the value of a species (i.e. what is lost when they are gone)?

Why Evolution Is True

UPDATE: Where to donate to save this bird.

I’ve heard back from The American Bird Conservancy, and they’ve told us where we can give money to help out this rare bird:

Thank you very much for your inquiry about how individuals can donate to help protect the Stresemann’s Bristlefront. Here is a link to American Bird Conservancy’s donation page on our website.  If an individual then types “Stresemann’s” on the mailcode line, their gift will be earmarked for this imperiled species.

Save the highly threatened Stresemann’s Bristlefront by helping American Bird Conservancy and Fundação  Biodiversitas protect the Stresemann’s Bristlefront Reserve for conservation. This reserve, created by ABC and Biodiversitas in 2007, now totals more than 1,400 acres. However, the forest surrounding the reserve is under severe threat from agricultural expansion and deforestation, making diligent management of the land already under protection critical and urgent. Stresemann’s Bristlefront Reserve is a top…

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