28 Jan

Holy Crap!
(I know, I need to actually write more posts myself rather than just repeating what’s found elsewhere, but LOOK AT THIS THING!)

Why Evolution Is True

Update: Reader Dennis Hansen, a biologist who works on the Indian Ocean island of Aldabra in the Seychelles, which (like the Galapagos) has giant tortoises, sends three coconut crab photos and a note:

Here’s a few photos of coconut crabs from Aldabra, for your perusal. They leave the giant tortoises alone, it seems. At least until a tortoise dies, by which time the crabs tear it apart from the inside. When staying in one of the remote field camps on the atoll, they do what they can to rob us of our meagre field rations, though. Don’t leave food on the table, or it will disappear within a few minutes.

crab & nut

field camp crab

crab & tortoise


This photo and caption are from Professor Brian Cox’s Facebook page, and apparently appear in his new book, Wonders of Life with the caption:

“These animals are known locally as robber crabs on their native Christmas Island because…

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