first day jitters

21 Aug

Yesterday was the first day of my Bio and MicroBio classes for the Fall semester and I’m trying some new things including using iPads as clicker devices and media delivery. I’ve had some problems moving my iBooks onto the devices, but with some help from Apple’s technical services, I hope to have that worked out soon.


Won’t get Fooled Again

One problem I did stumble into was getting used to the eClicker interface while trying to keep my cool at the same time. Worse, in my fluster I confused the approach of 11 o’clock with 12, and rushed my way into ending class a full hour early.

in the event that anyone reading this is a student in my class, I want to mention that I would like you all to read the first chapter of the textbooks and write out the end-of-chapter questions (MC&TF for Micro, Testing Yourself for GenBio). You should also read the first chapter of the complementary book by Thursday, Aug 29.

All in all, I think everything went fine and I’m eager to get working on core material in the coming classes.

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