Signal sequence and translation of secreted or membrane-bound proteins

04 Sep

I’ve been looking for a good animation illustrating how signal sequences of proteins are bound by signal recognition proteins (SRPs) that bring ribosomes into contact with the Endoplasmic Reticulum (ER) during translation, and I’ve finally found one. This particular animation has no narration, but it does show the process of translation fairly well. Note that once a signal sequence emerges from the ribosome, it is captured by SRPs and the whole system is taken to the membrane. This video illustrates the process in prokaryotes, which is very similar, except that prokaryotes don’t have ERs, but do secrete material through the plasma membrane. It turns out that just about everything else is the same though; just imagine this as being a larger Eukaryotic cell and the membrane being that of the ER, not the plasma membrane.

A second video that I’ve come across at the same site  but much more recently, shows the process as it occurs in Eukaryotic cells. The animation is much less realistic, but the message is the same.


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