Inspired by my favorite This American Life, replayed this week

21 Oct

imagesThis comes from the superpowers episode of This American Life. It’s always been a favorite of mine – I probably talk about this episode more than all other combined.

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One response to “Inspired by my favorite This American Life, replayed this week

  1. Ratabago

    October 22, 2013 at 1:32 am

    I’ve only listened to the first 18 minutes of the TAL episode, but I’ve concluded that my lab partner from years back was right: My brain is strange. I chose invisibility because I thought flight on its own was stupidly dangerous, whereas invisibility would be a huge bonus for wildlife photography and bird watching. I can’t develop any sympathy or interest for the things people had to say about invisibility, or the things they’d do with it.

    My kids play a game where they try to decide what they’d choose as a super power. Their answers change from time to time. But mine is always the same. I’d choose the ability to heal anything, and of any ill. They’ve stopped asking me now when playing this game. Seems they think my brain is strange too.:)

    If I get time I’ll listen to the rest of the show later tonight.


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