Friday Night is Pizza Night

14 Feb

Mmmmm. Pizza

It’s all I can think about right now. I’m dreaming of pizza right now to possibly pre-game the event later on tonight. One of the most devastating things I’ve discovered since moving to Kansas is that it is something of a food desert. 


Gene Simmons making some killer Ellio’s

What I mean by that is the East Coast Roller Rink staple, Ellio’s Pizza, is not sold anywhere near Imagehere. I looked into the Ellio’s website, hoping to find some way to set up a standing order, but my results were mixed. On the downside, I didn’t see any way to ship Ellio’s here, but I did find that there is an Ellio’s Nation to sign up for. I gather it’s something like the Kiss Army of pizza And I gather there are just about as many benefits to both groups: meaning none. But I think members of the Kiss Army at least get to post topless pictures. I couldn’t find the page where people do that on the Ellio’s site.

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