6 Reasons Curling Is the Best Olympic Sport

18 Feb
6 Reasons Curling Is the Best Olympic Sport

Admit it, you can’t wait to watch.

For The Win

(AP) (AP)

Today’s big winner:Curling

It’s time for an intervention, Earth.

It happens every four years. Curling comes on, you point and laugh, curling goes away. The same jokes are always made. How hard is it to throw a rock? If using a broom is an Olympic sport, than I’m an Olympian every day. How can you seriously call yourself an athlete when you wear pants like this?

(AP) (AP)

It needs to stop. Curling is the best and these are six reasons that will change your mind forever.

1. The rules are simple.

(Getty) (Getty)

Get your stone closest to the bull’s-eye; win. It’s that simple. There’s strategy involved, but the sport is easy to follow and easier to understand.

2. The U.S. women are pretty good.

(USA TODAY Sports) (USA TODAY Sports)

The American women came in fourth at last year’s world championship, barely missing out on a bronze, and enter the Sochi…

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