It’s happening again.

08 Oct

traffic-lightsWhat questions were left unanswered in 1990-1 Twin Peaks?

Who Killed Laura Palmer?  No, we know that.

Who is Bob? Oh, wait. We know that too.

But that’s not to say that there are no unanswered questions. In fact, the whole world of Twin Peaks is a series of unending mystery. On the surface, the town is quaint and peaceful. An idyllic place to live amongst the pine-covered hills with nature at the doorstep. But everyone has their story. And people’s stories are never clean and neat. There’s always intrigue, mistrust, past histories, and hidden desires. And that’s still just scraping the surface. The forest was a character too. Home to the owls and the site of the black lodge. Even space messages came to Twin Peaks – or at least the spirits of the lodge’s messages apparently come down from space.theowlsarenotwhattheyseemmock

Lynch and Frost were pressured to rush their story and provide answers to the story arcs they developed. The alternatives were a slower reveal. Or perhaps not even a reveal at all. Do all questions need an answer? The LA Times thinks not: “[T]here’s only one question that co-creators David Lynch and Mark Frost need to answer: Will they commit to not giving us all the answers?”

Look forward to revisiting the double R, That’s damned fine coffee.




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3 responses to “It’s happening again.

  1. Joann

    October 8, 2014 at 1:07 pm

    So I watched this whole thing, left with this feeling of “I have no idea why this was such a cult classic” That is really the only reason I watched, because everyone said, “it’s so great, you have to watch”…

    • downhousesoftware

      October 8, 2014 at 2:09 pm

      OK, I admit that I love this show, so this is coming from a totally biased place. I think Twin peaks has it all, a great setting, a perfect cast of characters and the actors to play them, a wildly meandering script, dream sequences with dream logic that actually helps carry the plot, atmosphere galore and the music to fill it. On the other hand, I think you had to be there when it happened in order to buy in without knowing you’re slipping back in time. I think that’s what makes a great cult film – it brings people in on a wave, then shuts the door to anyone else.
      You’re awesome for trying it out, but if it’s not for you, then it’s just not going to be for you. I made my wife watch the whole thing with me when we first met (and I still had the power to talk her into things she would otherwise never do) and she had the same reaction as you. She always tells me that I like boring movies and boring music. I guess this had both.

      • Joann

        October 8, 2014 at 2:16 pm

        Ha! That’s great. I still get credit for making it through! I could stop watching because I thought there would be answers.


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