Pointers to Lac operon posts

15 Oct

Just a quick post today to point to a set of older entries discussing the Lac Operon.

The first does’t have much, but it does link to an animation that is useful in presenting how the operon and its regulators react to changing conditions.

The second is longer and ends with a graph of cellular metabolism that does a good job of showing what happens when one substrate runs out resulting in a switch to the new substrate (glucose –> lactose).

The last is probably the best as it summarizes the information on the other two and includes some cartoons that I feel clearly show the conditions the cell is living in and effect this has on the cell’s sugar use.

This may also be a good time to point out that the banner above includes a link to a hyperlinked table of contents. Although not all my posts have been categorized, it does have quite a few and they are organized by category. I encourage my students to take advantage of this resource if there are subjects they would benefit from reading a bit about. I’ll of my best to keep working on this page to include at least the more substance-rich posts.


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