Getting a Handle on Blood Pressure

02 Feb

Minolta DSCI’ve just discovered an excellent video explaining the nervous system’s control over blood pressure through Baroreceptor Nerves (i.e. those capable of sensing changes in pressure / stretching of arteries). These nerves connect to the circulatory system at the Aortic Arch and at the Carotid Sinuses. Both of these locations are on arteries close to the heart where blood pressure is the highest.

I highly suggest my pathophysiology students to check out this video. I will go over the basics of this mechanism of feedback from the circulatory system in class this week as we continue our discussion of peripheral vascular disease, specifically hypertension. As you watch this, ask yourself, ‘if all of these systems are in place to regulate homeostasis, why do people still have high blood pressure?’

Additionally, an excellent review of Hypertension for physicians and nurses can be found in Cardiology Explained.

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