Silly Talk about the Presidential Election

04 Aug

Something shocking (well, maybe not…remember the Newt and Santorum waves in the last primary cycle?) is going on in the GOP…

CBS Poll

CBS Poll

Which leads me to ask myself, ‘what is driving this Trump wave?’ He’s an odd character, more of a celebrity because he’s a celebrity than being famous for anything specific (like Zsa Zsa Gabor or the Kardashians). But is being famous what it takes to be president?

I thought politicians ran for president because they had held other offices and were moving up to greater responsibilities after proving that they and their ideas had traction at the state level or in congress…

US presidents without prior elected office experience:

Zachary Taylor – military
Ulysses S Grant – military
Dwight D Eisenhower – military

Only three prior presidents have been elected without serving in some prior elected or appointed office (often as Governors, Senators, or Representatives). The three who did not serve in elected offices prior to the presidency were Taylor, Grant, and Eisenhower – all three popular Generals in times of war.

imagesToday, the GOP front-runner breaks the mold of public service culminating in presidency. Instead, he hopes to enter politics at the top, echoing his entry into the private sector after taking over his father’s real estate business. Of course, Trump’s run is more publicity and ego-building for himself than it is real politics, but one does have to ask, ‘What would Donald Trump bring to the Presidency? How would his service be beneficial to America?’

Today, some of the challenges the US faces (as I see it) include:
Establishing and maintaining peaceful relationships with Iran as a means to stabilize the region and remove their need for generating nuclear weapons (i.e. without a powerful enemy, the purpose of these weapons becomes questionable).
Promote continued economic growth by decreasing unemployment, raising wages, and buffeting the struggling middle class.
Maintain relations with Russia in a way that promotes peace and prevents further imperialist expansion that could destabilize Eastern Europe.
Continue to promote expanded healthcare access and delivery to all Americans and prevent further erosion of herd immunity against a number of vaccine-preventable illnesses.

How would Trump address these issues? Would he see any of these as priorities? or are these either not within the purview of the president or simply inconsistent with his own priorities? Speaking of which, what are Trump’s priorities?

Trump favors much stronger sanctions against Iran and would further support Israel.
Trump opposes humanitarian aid, saying that any US interventions should be targeted against military threats alone.
Trump does believe in market growth lifting all boats, and that market forces can be relied upon to work without direct public stimuli.
Amazingly (to me), Trump has suggested a 14.5% tax on wealth in order to erase the national debt. I find this completely commendable because it is both realistic and asks for the wealthy to contribute to America’s well being.
Trump also feels that we should be supporting Russia, but with strings attached – suggesting that this is a place when diplomacy might be preferable to saber rattling.
Although Trump is fairly against Obamacare, he has said that he values universal healthcare in some way. The question is, how can this be attained aside from the method undertaken by the current administration?

Perhaps this is what America deserves?


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2 responses to “Silly Talk about the Presidential Election

  1. Jennifer Mallory

    August 6, 2015 at 9:05 am

    Unfortunately its just that…. A lot of “silly talk.” I’m hearing a lot of what he’s saying and think “he has some valid points” But then i see that the media quoting him is almost as humorous as it had become during the last Bush presidency. I honestly think world policy is more important now than ever and I don’t envision Donald Trump being taken seriously as a world leader. Its like watching a comedy but its real life. (The Interview comes to my mind here.) I guess we could say he is able to play a role and read a script, he was very convincing during his time in the WWE…. To me he is a clown figure in the media but that may be part of my generation. I remember seeing him on the cover of tabloid magazines in the check out line. I’d be interested to see what a younger generation thinks of him.

  2. downhousesoftware

    August 6, 2015 at 12:57 pm

    I think you’re right that he is a clown figure.
    I don’t think it’s too limiting to say that if you want to attain the highest office in the country, you really need to work hard towards this goal and maintain a solid reputation.

    Al Franken faced a similar barrier because of his previous work as a comedian. I think Franken actually did a good job of separating his profession as a comedian from bleeding over into his ‘real life.’ With Trump, it’s difficult to decide where the side show ends and the person begins.


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