Sorting Books

11 Sep

Hey, if you’re reading this, honey, I am still working!

Hey, isn't that where Jon dropped Ed? (Neaderthal, 5.8)

Hey, isn’t that where Jon dropped Ed? (Neaderthal, 5.8)

I have a lot of boxes of books and CDs I am going through today because the house is supposed to look unpacked by tomorrow. Today, I got into the climbing books. I’m keeping just a handful because they’re special:

Self Rescue, because we took a self rescue course together at the PRG many years ago

Classic Rock Climbs of Ralph Stover Park, because that was my home crag for a lot of years. Even when I wasn’t climbing there, I was mountain biking or just hiking around because the scenery was beautiful.

129083844-High_ExposureCU_web_Finally, my Gunks Guide, because that was the real home crag in the Northeast and we did a great assent of High Exposure there that I think of quite often to this day (and thanks to Barry for going back to retrieve the cam that I thought would be part of the route forevermore). Oh, and it’s also the place where I got a concussion from hitting my head on Dave’s knee after falling off a bouldering problem and complained about the damned hippie music coming from the woods all night.

Other than that, I’m working and just have some climbing videos running in the background – you know, while I work.

(if you are not a fan of bolted routes, skip this one – but what a climb!)

(if you don’t want to be completely schooled by a 10yo, skip this one)

boy, I miss having hands!

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