Oh, VW, what have you done?

23 Sep

What happens when the irresistible force strikes the immovable object?

Until this week, this was an entirely theoretical question. But then, Volkswagen, one of the most loved brands has done the unthinkable, willfully deceiving governments and its customers in order to attain ‘clean diesel.’ Funny that this would happen just as I have been exploring the idea and application of branding in retail.

Until last week, this was the feeling one got from VW:

(For more on Nick Drake, singer of Pink Moon)


A Page from the Enron Playbook?

A Page from the Enron Playbook?

I don’t want to even discuss this much right now other than to say, what should VW’s next move be? How can they regain customer trust and appreciation? How can they save their brand?

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