Oh boy, a Complement song

14 Feb

This was a little hard to bear, but it’s not wrong…

a better, more complete video is this one…

A final video is…

Lastly, some important points are:

-The names and functions of the three pathways

-The initiating molecules for each pathway

-The alternative pathway is often considered a spontaneous pathway, although there are some specific activators

-IgM activates complement better than other classes of antibody

-All three pathways converge at the formation of the C3 convertase

-Complement always results in the assembly of a Membrane Attack Complex (MAC) -lyses bacteria, enveloped viruses, and nucleated cells

-C3a, 35a, and to a lesser extent C4a are anaphylotoxins

I’ve written one or two other posts about Complement including this and this.

Why does it make sense that the antibody most capable of activating complement is IgM?

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