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Wimp take II

Why is it that I keep crashing into this tree? Every tImageime I bike on this path I get spooked by this tree to the point where I slow down a lot more than I should and get tangled in that big root crossing the path. The trick is that there is a extremely sharp right turn that hooks around this tree. With the root in the place that it is, coupled with the turn and the fact that no matter which direction you come at this you have a downhill giving you speed followed by an uphill just after the turn.

I also should admit that this is another clipping in situation where I panic because I know I’m going to crash and can’t get unclipped in time to save myself from tipping over. Or… I do unclip and now I’m having trouble staying unclipped while still getting some power to the pedals.

I’ll let you know if I ever do make this successfully.

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I’m such a wimp

My wife has been really impressive in her commitment to getting exercise in the morning. I can make myself exercise, but never in the morning – there’s just nothing about a workout that will motivate me to crawl out of a comfortable bed before the sun even comes up. Nevertheless, she’s been getting up and running of lifting weights in the basement for probably two months or more now.

Recently she was saying that it would be more helpful to have a barbell, rather than the dumbbell set have. So, to be a nice husband who listens and responds to his wife, I went out and picked up a barbell last night and was setting it up for her so it would be there for her first thing in the morning. Now, admittedly, I didn’t get the best product in the world – I just got something simple and -let’s just say it – available in Walmart. Because it was a Walmart product, I had to actually assemble the bar, which came in three pieces and had to be joined with a couple metal dowels.

So, I put it together and I was going to move it over to a good space to store it, slid my hand down the bar and sliced it open between my thumb and index finger pretty well. It wasn’t much of a cut, but it did bleed all over the place and this is where I have to admit to being a wuss: I was actually swooning and sick to my stomach. I think I almost passed out from nothing more serious than a deep scratch!

Well, at least I found the nasty part before my wife did – I would have felt a lot worse if she was the one to cut herself. In the end, it’s nothing that a good coating of duct-tape couldn’t make right. (the bar, not my hand – although, I think duct-tape would probably do a better job of sticking to my hand than this damned bandaid)

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