Hyperlinked Contents

In order to more easily access the material on this site, I’m creating this table of contents in a loose outline. As of Early January 2014, I am just starting to catalog my material here, so please come back again later to see if you can find new(old) material. Please let me know if you find any errors / bad links, etc.

I.              Science
                A.             General

                B.             Biology

  1. One base at a time…
  2. The Human Genome… genes on chromosomes
  3. Splice Variants
  4. Signal sequence and translation of secreted or membrane-bound proteins
  5. I Think…    but I do not Know
  6. A thoughtful article on the use and abuse of antibiotics
  7. Epidemiology
  8. Milk and Oreo Cookies (on Lactose Intolerance)
  9. This week in General Bio: Diffusion and Osmosis
  10. Systemic circulation and pulmonary circulation
  11. Getting Oxygen Where It’s Needed
  12. Speaking of Blood Types
  13. Mitosis Animation
  14. A look into cell division
  15. Chemiosmosis and the work of Peter Mitchell
  16. RNA World and the Origin of Life
  17. Biotic Potential – Unrestricted Growth
  18. Photosynthesis: Turning CO2 into O2 – or maybe not.
  19. “Life is nothing but an electron looking for a place to rest”
  20. Cool Virtual lab for my Micro Students
  21. Kreb’s Cycle, the Lehrer Way
  22. Evolution and Natural Selection
  23. Gene Regulation
  24. Drift
  25. Tumors
  26. Immunology

                C.             Physics               

                D.             Chemistry

                E.              Scientific Method / Skepticism

II.            Personal
                 A.             Movies

                  B.             Book Reviews

                   C.             Music Reviews

III.          Observations

IV.          Education

V.         Programming

(note to self: resume at page 6/23)


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