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A Question about Kindle

Has anyone out there been publishing on Kindle? I wanted to format my children’s book, Sheriff Harry, for publishing with Amazon, but I’m afraid I’m inept at formatting for this platform.

With iBooks Author, there is a simple WYSIWYG interface, so it was simple to drop images and text in. However, Every time I try to make a kindle document, all I get is the HTML code showing through.

I’ve looked around and tried following other’s advice, but so far haven’t been able to make it work. Any help would be greatly appreciated (suggestions, templates, websites with good walkthroughs).

Thanks very much in advance.


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What to do when it’s 100+ degrees outside

My son and I are trapped today. It’s over 100 degrees outside and he’s 7 – that means he needs to get outside and get some exercise. We have a piano tuner coming and (hopefully) an AC repairman today – The AC situation is bad, but not dire, of three ‘zones’ in our home, only the one that includes the master bedroom is out. That means I sleep downstairs in the guest room at night, but otherwise the house is still fine.

We do belong to a community pool, but that doesn’t open until the afternoon. That’s what my sights are set on, but I have about six hours until then.


What to do?


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