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Even Terry Bradshaw has a good handle on Shingles

Too bad Terry Bradshaw didn’t pop in for a visit at the Royal’s clubhouse, he seems to be pretty aware of the pain and disability associated with Chicken Pox and Shingles.

Kansas City is a lock for the postseason – that’s KC topping out at 100% probability:

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 1.26.12 PM

What’s one thing that could completely undermine the Royal’s season? How about getting blindsided by a completely vaccine-preventable illness* with a long incubation time that could lead to numerous infections?

Relief pitcher Kelvin Herrera, left, and outfielder Alex Rios, right

Relief pitcher Kelvin Herrera, left, and outfielder Alex Rios, right

Completely preventable? The vaccine is about as likely to prevent infection by varicella  as the Royals are likely to get in the playoffs

Data from CDC

Data from CDC

With an incubation time of 10-21 days, varicella infection may not show up for some time after exposure, meaning that any previously unimmunized players may still come down with the pox. Fortunately, vaccination may still be done and be effective in preventing illness up to 5 days after infection, so intervention may be successful. Cross your fingers Royals fans. We can only hope that the management for the Royals as well as other teams are now up to speed on having their players fully vaccinated.

Oh – and for those of us who have had Chicken Pox at some time in our lives, here’s Terry to talk to you about getting vaccinated to prevent Shingles…

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Finally: Basketball made interesting

I’ve never been much of a basketball fan. When I was in college I got behind my team (the Blue Hens) for two of their best seasons on record (1992 and 1993). It was easy to be a fan because I was going to UD at the time, which meant that we got free (?) or at least heavily discounted tickets – and all my friends were doing it, so …


However, youtube has actually turned me on to a couple brilliant uses for the sport. First, the simple one: Who doesn’t like watching what happens when you drop something mundane from a very high place?

I don’t actually know if this shot really merited a world record – although, really, how could it not? But it’s certainly fun to watch:

However, here’s where things get interesting. You’re all set to make the shot (drop, whatever) and you put a little spin on it. Natural enough. Enter the Magnus Effect:

Applying the Magnus effect to baseball demonstrates how the spin of a fastball affects its trajectory:

From Michael Richmond of, the horizontal flight path of a baseball with or without spin (in this case a 2200 RPM backspin)

Screen Shot 2015-08-29 at 12.00.47 PM

From the website of Michael Richmond: “The effect of air on baseball pitches”

Turning up the backspin to 3500RPM, the ball assumes a flat path ( actually rising in height as it approaches the plate.)

Screen Shot 2015-08-29 at 12.03.20 PM

Ahh. Physics.

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A hot day for it

No surprise, the forecast for today is exactly the same as it’s been for the past several weeks: 103F and full sun. Great day for a ballgame. Today, my son and I are driving up to Topeka to meet my cousins (whom I guess we haven’t seen for several years not) at a baseball game. Our cousin Grant is playing ball with a great plains league this week and we’re looking forward to seeing him play. All the news is that he’s a great player with a bright future.

I admit that I’m not eager to sit out in the sun, but it’s worth it to see family. We would have liked to have them visit, but we’re off on a trip to Germany tomorrow, so it just couldn’t work out without fraying some nerves.

Hope you all had a good fourth of July holiday (if that’s your thing). I may not be posting that much over the next week – but it’s not because I’ve forgotten about it.¬† I’m still thinking hard about getting mastermind into XCode. And I’ve also thought about how I should be getting our ‘Pushing Twain’ App resubmitted to Apple as well.

I guess I’m still wallowing in some self-pity about how hard it has been to get the Push-Quote series completed properly. A lot of work went into that and we have only one App in the store, it’s a bit buggy and in need of an update. How do you guys handle professional rejection? Better than me, I hope.

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