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Who isn’t fascinated by Ötzi?


                       Otzi, the iceman

Radiolab posted a story about one of the most complete, ancient humans ever found. Most interesting is that we have no idea of who this man is. Ancient Pharaohs buried in tombs with slaves and riches have indications of who they were surrounding them. Ötzi was just a man hiking through the mountains who was killed and left with all (?) his belongings where he was for more than 5000 years.

Was he a trader?

A thief?

A hunted man?


We know very little of the human circumstances that led this man into the mountains to his death by arrow and stone. We only have the forensic evidence he left. He was about 45 years old, he had wounds on this hands, an arrowhead in his shoulder bone, Pollen from both valley and mountain trees (layer as mountain,valley,mountain) in his intestines and la large meal of bread and goat meat in his belly. Genetically, he was lactose intolerant. He is related to people from Sardinia and Corsica and was infected with lyme disease, dental caries and whipworms.

As always, Radiolab gives us a taste of something interesting and leaves us hungry to fill in the gaps. Otzi has been known for twenty+ years now, which has allowed for fairly complete analysis of the body. Find more about him through the wiki site here or the museum in Tyrol devoted entirely to this find here.



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Your Inner Fish-Adventures in Body Building and Science Magazine Podcast

Today in class we discussed chapter 7 of Neil Shubin’s book, Your Inner Fish. This chapter explored how life on Earth went from being unicellular to multicellular. Later in the day, as I was driving my son to Karate, I was listening to the Science Magazine’s weekly podcast and was interested to hear an interview with Stuart Newman about a new article on this subject. 

A copy of the transcript can be found at:

The podcast can be found on iTunes or at science magazine at:


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