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Cosby and Freaks

ImageMy family and I had the pleasure to see Bill Cosby live this past saturday at the Midlands Theater in Kansas City.  Of course it was a terrific show – Cosby was relaxed and seemed to enjoy the evening as much as we did and told what looked like a mix of new material and just fun conversation.

One thing stood out to me… and I could be mistaken about this. But when describing the way that women almost ritually welcome young girls into womanhood when they reach puberty, I could swear that he referenced the old movie, Freaks, as he chanted, ‘One of Us … One of Us!’ I could see it came out completely spontaneously and unplanned from him because it was one of the few times he actually chuckled at his own joke.


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The End of Days is upon us


The semester is drawing to a close. There is only one last day of regular class left before we have our jeopardy review session and then Final Exam. Finals this year will be held on Tuesday, December 10. Officially, Microbiology starts at 9am and General Biology at 12pm, however all students are welcome to come at either time according to their own convenience.

On our last day of Microbiology we will be reviewing antigen presentation and talk about the basic processes associated with Lymphocyte Development. How does the body discriminate between self and non-self?


                      World Demographics – Into the 21st century

In General Biology, we will review the Hardy Weinberg equations and what they can tell us. I’m also hoping to demonstrate the effect of population size on genetic drift (and maybe even genetic draft). We will also be discussing populations and how speciation occurs as well as associated topics of sympatric and allopatric speciation.  We’ll also look at survival strategies (k and r) and finish with human demographics and how some of these features also appear in human populations.

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