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Practice Problem


Crossover events occurring between two homologous chromosomes 2003 Pearson Education Inc.

Students in my General Biology class can work through this problem in place of one of your extra credit essays. The catch is that this work must be finished completely and presented clearly by Tuesday Nov. 27 no later than 12pm (hard deadline). I can answer questions either here online (post as comments) or in class on Tuesday Nov. 20. However, I will not take more than a couple minutes of class time to discuss this. If you need more time, please schedule that with me. Also, feel free to cooperate with other students.

You are a student examining four genes in humans about which you have collected a large amount of data that you need to analyze. Some of the work has been done for you by previous students in the lab, some of it you will need to work out yourself.

The genes and alleles are described below:

A- Club foot      /        a- normal foot

B- Baldness      /        b- normal hair

C- Small Ears   /         c- Large ears

D- Polydactyl  /         d- five fingered

You have a pool of data from the following crosses:

Data Set #1


P          AABB (Club foot & Bald)  x aabb (Normal foot & Normal hair)

F1        100% AaBb (Club foot& Bald)

F1        AaBb  x  AaBb

F2        1040 Club foot & Bald

100 Club food & Normal hair

160 Normal foot & Bald

1100 Normal Foot & Normal hair

Data Set #2

P          AACC (Club Foot & Large Ears)  x aacc (Normal foot & Small Ears)

F1        100% AaCc (Club foot& Large Ears)

F1        AaCc  x  AaCc

F2        900 Club foot & Small Ears

90 Club food & Large Ears

110 Normal foot & Small Ears

900 Normal Foot & Large Ears

A previous student already computed the recombination frequency between the D locus  (Polydactl) and the B locus (for Baldness) as 18%.

A second student computed the recombination frequency between the C locus (for ear size) and the B locus (for Baldness) as 20.8%

1. Compute the recombination frequencies for the two data sets you have (showing your work)

2. Draw a gene map for the four loci to the best approximation. Be sure to include distances in centi-Morgans between each locus.

3. You will not be able to pinpoint one gene’s locus exactly. Tell me what experiment(s) you would have to do and provide sample data that would enable you to pinpoint this last locus.

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The New Leaf

I’ve slipped. Two days off the wagon working out – although, to be fair, I did go for a run in the rain yesterday. Today I have to make up for it and get back into the pattern. I’m just over 1/3 of the way through a single cycle of P90X and I really want to finish it out. Besides, I still haven’t been able to couple the ab workouts with the main workout.

But today is Friday and I have no classes to teach or to take, so it’s a perfect opportunity to catch up on everything. I had planned on checking out the bizperc workplace today, but that can wait.


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Is it rational to follow yoga with Espresso?

Maybe, maybe not.

Regardless of the sense or sensibility of it, that’s what I’m doing. I think I’ve recovered from what felt like a weeklong slump where I wasn’t exercising or getting outside enough. This weekend was a lot of fun. Harry and I dug out what is about a 1/3 to 3/4 mile mountain biking loop through our back woods. Most of it is fairly simple, but with a lot of turns that don’t let you pick up much speed. There are a few technical sections that drop down and through the creek bed, but I can push through most of it without going over the bars.

Today, I got out for the first test run. I used the Nike+ app to map and get milage, but poor signal left me with only an estimate of the distance. My first loop read .35 miles, but two more gave a total of 2.5 miles. As you can see, the math doesn’t hold.

I’d like to get out and make some alterations to the path this week, but I don’t think I’ll be able to talk Harry into joining me as he picked up a terrible case of Poison Ivy from the first time. Not to mention that a good deal of the reaction was in unmentionable places due to his unwillingness to go back up to the house for the bathroom. (Oooo. That’s right. It’s bad.)



Things to look out for in the woods

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Crash and Burn

As I said once before, I started P90X about a month ago following a moment of extreme late-night TV watching weakness. Once you get over the embarrassment of following a TV workout, it’s actually quite awesome. I have definitely gotten results over the first month and am very eager to continue with this progress.

The setup is that it consists of three weeks of a set workout involving several days of strength training, spaced with days of cardio, yoga and stretching. Then the fourth week is the break – which actually means just cardio and yoga (still excruciating). I just started day one of month two this morning and something odd and unprecedented happened – I completely bonked. I felt like crap starting out and just chalked it up to a fitful night of sleep and thought I’d recover by the time the warm-up was through. But that never happened. Instead, I completely crashed at the 20 minute mark and couldn’t go on.

Frankly, I’m a little concerned. I’ve been suffering from some creeping tiredness and depression of the past few days – nothing serious, I’ve just felt low on gas and a little unenthusiastic about getting pumped up and engaged. I wonder if I’m just fighting off a cold or something that is staying slightly below the radar. This is consistent with some other (very) mild symptoms of sore throat and headache.

I’ll keep my eye on it, but I hope it’s nothing.

Perhaps I can spend some time mowing the lawn this morning instead of working out. I have to listen to chapter 2 of “Your Inner Fish” for class today anyway. I was thinking of listening to it while taking a short run, but I think that’s out.

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Local duathlon this weekend

Run Bike Run

I signed up for a duathlon in my hometown here of Paola, KS some time ago and then promptly put it out of my head. That worked pretty well until this morning when I actually had to get up bight and early and get to the race that I had not been training for specifically.

Fortunately, I have to say that P90X has been doing a good job with me. Despite not doing the kind of training that I ought to be doing (actually running, biking and doing run/bike ‘bricks’), I felt great through 90% of the race and think I put in a decent effort.


Race Name/Distance DU
Overall Place 5
Division Name M4044
Division Place 2
Gender Place 5

Swim Time 7:36
Swim Pace 7:36
Transition 1 0:50
Bike 32:39
Bike Rate 19.1
Transition 2 0:46
Run 26:01
Run Pace 8:24

Finish Time 1:07:51.73
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Continuing to fry in the Heartland

I’ve given up on going outside much. The heat has remained constant except for a small window of milder temperature in the mornings. The forecast going forward is still entirely three digit temperatures (100 today, then 102,103,102,103…). The only salvation is late in the week when we get a veritable arctic blast that brings us down to the low 90s. Luckily, the cool air is also bringing the first chance of precipitation in what feels like years.

By the time that change in the weather rolls around we will have given up and sought refuge elsewhere. Since we met more than ten years ago, we’ve been saving up for years to go abroad. This week we’re flying to Germany with our son to tour the ‘Castle Road’ from Cologne down to Munich  – we did our best to make the trip as ‘touristy’ as possible for the benefit of the little guy. And I have never in my life been happier to hear that the a vacation will be cold and rainy.

What brings this latest whining about the weather though?

It’s mostly because I’ve been starving for exercise. Yesterday I had to run on a treadmill while my son was at karate and it was pretty yukky. I forgot my earphones, so I didn’t have anything to listen to or watch while I ran – I could barely even see into the karate studio from where the treadmill was located – so there was nothing for it but to concentrate on the run. That wasn’t something I really wanted to do given that I haven’t run a bit since getting my mountain bike and I could feel from the start just how out of shape I am.

I think this is the worst rambling post I’ve ever written. And that’s saying something, so I’ll cut this off right here and try to post my work on the mastermind puzzle and start my day in the real world.

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