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For My Class

ImageFor those of you in my General Biology Class (especially those who missed Thursday), we will be having a quiz on Tuesday about DNA replication, transcription and translation. We will also be going over chapter 11 of Your Inner Fish (the last chapter!!!) and there is a homework exercise due. You can find it on Blackboard… ironically enough, it’s called ‘Genetics In-Class’. This exercise will be good practice for the sort of questions you can expect to see on Tuesday’s quiz.


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KC Mobile App Developers Group

I went to this meetup last night in Kansas City where I met some nice people and heard some other app developers discuss their businesses. There were talks on raising Ad revenue within apps, about app development strategies (whether to construct native, hybrid or web-based apps) and one company’s success (in-progress) story.

Regarding the last, if any of you are teachers, the app they make is called myHomework. It works in connection with a web-based site called The idea is that teachers can create their course packets including everything from a syllabus/schedule, assignments, readings, etc. and tailor the interface with their students to their needs. Then students buy the apps (available on a number of platforms) and can access this material. One advantage of this app is that it allows students to keep up with (and even get reminders for) homework and project due dates as they are assigned – so even a student who is home sick will get the homework immediately.

Their hope is to replace utilities like Blackboard, that are designed in a much more cumbersome manner. I have talked to the founder after the presentation and he has sent me an invite into the system, so I hope to be able to provide a much better review of the apps once I have tried them out myself.


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