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ImageiOS7 is here. It’s strange and new and transforms the experience of the iPhone into something drastically newer, as opposed to the iterative changes the iOS has been going though since its inception.

Part of me dislikes the new look, but like anyone who has ‘drank the Apple juice,’ I’m more than willing to give Jonathan Ives’ new design a chance. In fact, I already like it more now than I did several hours ago when I first downloaded it (ps – I’m a little peeved that I was not able to download the beta earlier through the developer program … i have to look into that to see what’s going on). Mostly, I’m impressed by the way that the OS itself has incorporated so many new gestures that bring up new screens and control panels. It does a lot to bring more functions closer to a ‘one touch’ feel.

I expect a lot of users will be up in arms by the weekend demanding that Apple restore their old OS, but I say, ‘To hell with ’em.’ Apple is a walled garden that we’ve all bought into. I say jump in and enjoy the new surroundings.

Skip over to Mat Honen’s article at Wired and get a walkthrough of some new features (and some gushy praise)

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Starting with Unity

ImageI started a game design class last week that uses C# and Unity. So far the class has not moved much (it’s online and I am constantly checking for updates, but there haven’t been any – have I mentioned how much I dislike online classes?). So, to get moving, I have been following along with a great tutorial on youtube by quill18 for making a clone of the Atari game, Breakout.

This is a terrific place to start, because this game was Steve Jobs’ assignment at Atari, which he famously subcontracted to Steve Wozniak. Both Woz, in his book iWoz, and Jobs, through his biography by Isaacson, describe this anecdote as one of the first major collaborations between the two.

Additionally, it can be completely cloned with only minimal coding.

I’ve followed along fairly well, but suddenly, my objects don’t interact with one another (meaning the ball doesn’t bounce off the bricks) and I’ll be damned if I can figure out why.


Since I’m not teaching any biology this summer, I thought I would blog a little more on my coding ventures. If anyone else is out there working on similar material, I’d love to hear from you.

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