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Working at home and the discovery of Moka- brewed espresso

A while ago I was mentioning my overindulgence in caffeine and the pure joy that comes from a well-made espresso or coffee. I was lamenting the fact that I couldn’t have these delights at home as I dreamt of expensive devices from Williams and Sonoma.

Some wise reader asked if I had tried brewing espresso myself at home using a Moka pot and I had to admit that I did own one, but had not used it more than once or twice because I had not been able to get a good result. Well, I thought I would try again. I dug out the pot from its home above the refrigerator and gave it a shot. First try – lots of leaking steam and boiling water, very little drink actually produced, but not bad.

I tried again today and had a little bit of the leaking problem again, but I got a lot more espresso out and the first cup was delicious! I’m going back for seconds, but I wanted to rave a little first. Thank you dear reader who suggested this – you may have made a big difference in my life with your comment.  


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