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What insects tell us about what it is to be human

I just listened to an excellent short talk from Marlene Zuk, a professor at UC Riverside, on how insects can teach us something about ourselves. I was hoping to post a link of that talk here, but then realized that it was from AAAS (the science society) and required paid access to view. Nevertheless, she does have a new book called Sex on Six legs that you can check out on Amazon.

She discusses how many behaviors that we identify with as being distinctly human can also be found in the insect world.

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The New Leaf

I’ve slipped. Two days off the wagon working out – although, to be fair, I did go for a run in the rain yesterday. Today I have to make up for it and get back into the pattern. I’m just over 1/3 of the way through a single cycle of P90X and I really want to finish it out. Besides, I still haven’t been able to couple the ab workouts with the main workout.

But today is Friday and I have no classes to teach or to take, so it’s a perfect opportunity to catch up on everything. I had planned on checking out the bizperc workplace today, but that can wait.


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