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Zite is clearly on to me

This is the second article my iPad news reader, Zite, has pulled up for me on the beauty of libraries and books. This time it is an illustrated list of 15 home libraries that I wish I had.

I was immediately reminded of photos of James Murray, the original editor of the Oxford English Dictionary amongst all his reference books and little slips of paper that he used to compile the tome. Murray’s work has been documented (at least) three times in long form. Once by his grand-daughter, Elisabeth Murray, titled Caught in the Web of Words; twice by Simon Winchester as The Meaning of Everything and The Professor and The Madman.  Admittedly, I’ve had The Professor and the Madman on my list of ‘to reads’ pretty much since it came out and have not yet gotten around to it. 

OK – that’s it. Off to bed. I hear this sleeping thing is really important.


Where did that notecard go…

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