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Holy Smoke: PiL at the Troc

Johnny Lydon

Johnny Lydon

It looks like Johnny Rotten had to sit down through this one. But give the guy a break, he’s nearly 60 and it’s not like he’s treated his body like the temple that other aging rockers like Keith Richards have.

The new Public Image Limited release “Double Trouble” from their album ‘What the World needs Now’ rages against the unreliability of  appliances and a general distaste for cuddling.

If you’re in Philadelphia, get your tickets to see them at the Troc on November 11, you lucky dogs.

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Hey, I could be wrong…

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Peter Murphy arrested

ImageMy cousin forwarded this article to me describing how Peter Murphy, singer from one of my favorite bands from the 80s, was arrested for a DUI-related hit and run accident in Glendale, California. 

Their music put goth on the map in the late 70s – early 80s when they put out several quality albums including Mask (1981), The Sky’s Gone Out (1982) and Burning From the Inside (1983).

Later in 1983 the band broke up leading to a variety of solo projects by every one of the group members, Tones on Tail, Dali’s Car and Love and Rockets.

ImageI managed to catch them once on their Resurrection Tour at the Electric Factory in Philadelphia in 1998. Although I’ve always hated the venue for its terrible sound quality and being a standing-room only warehouse, it probably stands as one of the best concerts of my life. I just missed a second opportunity to see them while on vacation in Prague, Czech Republic, but missed them by a couple days.  Around 2009/2010,they were scheduled to play yet another reunion at the Trocadero theater (also Philly), but things fell apart at the last minute and Murphy put together a solo show that was much less interesting.

It’s always hard to watch rock stars age, and probably the worst part about this article is hearing that the incident in question happened while Murphy was driving his Subaru Forrester. Even in black, I don’t think that’s a very goth car.

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