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You are now leaving Twin Peaks, population 51,201

Twin-Peaks-logoTomorrow is the last day for my Microbiology class this Spring.

We’ll be having our last exam -on immunology- and moving on to greener pastures. I hope my students have learned something from the experience and will perhaps also be open to the joys of Slow-Moving Supernatural TV Dramas and Bad Horror Flicks.

As I’ve been hinting at lately, perhaps next semester I can move on to revisiting Northern Exposure – something to think about if you’re considering taking my pathophysiology class this summer.

By the way, Sunday is Mother’s Day.┬áTake a moment to remember all the great mothers out there…




No - wait. He's not a good mother at all.

No – wait. He’s not a good mother at all.

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Shaft – another hint


One Bad Mutha

This is one of my favorite films. The theme song makes the movie… and won a 1972 Academy Award. The iconic singer….?


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