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Matting down the grass

ImageI put on a stern voice every morning as I try to get my dog, Penny, to ‘go poop’ after her breakfast. She wanders about, obviously taking in something more than I can perceive. She circles a spot and smells intently making a slight move as if – no. That was the wrong place. She bounces away and starts mimicking a tracker again, following some invisible trail.

“Go Poop!”

I imagine that I am helping her.

Despite my frustration with the dog this morning, I start doing exactly the same thing later in the day. I just arrived at the library to do a bit of quick studying (for the Chem Praxis Exam), do some research (regarding a product I am consulting on), and check email before I head over to the Enterprise Center of Johnson County (ECJC) for a lunch seminar. Because I arrived just at opening, there is nothing but space here and only a very few people. Like my dog – or like Dr. Sheldon Cooper trying to find a good movie seat, I go through the same antics.

I’ve wandered around for a while looking, then tried a few possibilities, and even now I’m sitting at what is decidedly NOT the right place.

I need to get something (other than this) done, so I think I’ll try just one more place and get to work.



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Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock

The first project in ‘An Introduction to Interactive Programming in Python’, a course I am taking / watching in Coursera is writing code to analyze the results of randomly generated  rock paper scissors lizard Spock games. This game is an adaptation of the standard rock paper scissors with two added items… because it comes from Big Bang Theory, of course it has Spock.

By the way, we often play Rock Paper Scissors at home, but try to come up with new symbols  fairly often.

(Alien populates asteroid, asteroid smashes spaceship, spaceship shoots alien)

(The witch commands the flying monkeys, The flying monkeys carry away Dorothy, Dorothy melts the witch)

The trick for me when writing this code was remembering to import the random module and getting the syntax correct for the if/elif/else statements:

if difference == 1 or difference == 2:
winner = “player”
if difference == 3 or difference == 4:
winner = “computer”
if difference == 0:
winner = “tie”

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