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My knee-jerk reaction is to keep this a secret

But who am I fooling? 

I can’t keep a secret … and this isn’t one that should be kept anyway.

The secret is Iceland. A place I have always wanted to go, but never made a destination. But, recently, on the return from celebrating my tenth anniversary with my wife in Paris, we stopped for a long layover in Iceland and took the opportunity to spend the day at a hot-spring spa.

ImageThe one we chose was a tourist trap positioned perfectly for people with lay-overs just like ours, but we didn’t mind that. Instead, we embraced it and had a wonderful time discovering the rejuvenating, geothermally heated waters of ‘The Blue Lagoon‘.

Basically, Icelandair is a low-cast carrier for transatlantic flights. But consider: The worst part of transatlantic travel is the jetlag that makes you want to spend your vacation catching up on sleep and the makes the return home a nightmare of trying to get back on schedule just as you are supposed to be getting back to work. 

The solution is an 8 hr – 36 hr layover in iceland with a day at the spa. I know there are lots of other attractions in iceland, but this is the one I know, and it is the one that makes travel so much better. The rest are actual extensions of a vacation.

How to get there? The Flybus has regular trips between the Blue Lagoon and the airport throughout the day.

What about my luggage?No problem. The bus has space and so does the resort.

What about a bathing suit? Also no problem, you can rent one there. And if you get a premium package, you also get a robe, towel and flip-flops.

What about food? There is a restaurant (buffet included in the premium package) with excellent food, including a great sushi spread  – no changing required, just throw on a robe and flips and you’re set to go.

You can also enjoy a drink at the bar located in the bath and get a good shower before heading back to the airport refreshed.


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