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First Quizzes tomorrow…

Image I mentioned in my classes that I sometimes post extra credit hints here – but not always. Just enough to make it worth checking once in a while and help buoy my stats.

In class last Thursday someone mentioned that they heard I liked to post extra credit questions about Twin Peaks (a favorite series), but that was last semester. I’m sure I won’t be able to resist throwing a couple in at some point. And, after all it’s always a good idea to see that TV doesn’t always have to be predictable and mundane – sometimes it can be awesome.

If I am giving any hints, it’s that this year, I’ve been watching a lot of movies- especially ones from the 70s and 80s – and writing reviews on my other blog, the now-incorrectly titled, 100FilmsIn100Days. So perhaps, we’ll see a little of that nice Dutch Colonial on Long Island from time to time. 

But not all of my extra credit questions come from incidental materials. Sometimes, they’re  serious, about subjects like the Measles outbreak I discuss below or material that I think is cool, but too detailed or tangential to be tested on for credit.

I look forward to getting back in class. See you soon.

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Almost Forgot… Exam Question Submissions


Bad Question? Or Bad Answer?

I told my Micro Class … and this goes for the Gen Bio class as well … that is they wanted to submit sample exam questions to this site as comments, I would consider including them. The only qualifications are that they are serious, well thought out questions that test material that we have covered in the class.

For clarity, it you submit a question, indicate whether it is for Micro or General Bio – and provide an answer (or list of answers if the question is multiple choice). Also, other students may feel free to comment on or propose edits for any questions proposed here.

I don’t expect to choose more than one or two (based on submissions), but I do think this will provide you with an interesting way to consider the work we are doing in class.


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