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Have I mentioned that I’m cheap?

Either this is a really great app, or it is a really well-produced trailer. $2.99 is on the high side of price for an app that I have no idea if I’d actually like, but check this out. And if you do download it, let me know how it is to play. Does it have the same great soundtrack as the trailer?

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Hey – it’s Day Two!



NanoWriMo started yesterday. That means I’m only one day behind. Not to worry. I have access to vast amounts of caffeine, and even though I haven’t even thought about what I plan to write about, I’m sure it’ll just spill out the moment I open the NaNoWriMo part of my brain.


Hope Springs eternal.

A moment’s brainstorming here… I have been considering putting together a book of science writing a la Matt Ridley’s Genome. His book had one essay for each of the 23 human chromosomes with the topic coming from a gene on the chromosome of that number. A little contrived, don’t you think? I wouldn’t do anything like that, right.

Ok, so I would. But since he already did that, how about one essay for every… uh. I don’t know. However, I am suddenly taken by the idea of making a book about the ages of the Earth and how life developed over time both (in some cases) causing and in (all cases) concert with geological and atmospheric changes. As always, my primary interest would be to do something of this sort that could be used to educate kids of all ages.

Whenever I think about this, I am reminded of a wonderful set of books that we had in my grandparent’s library. I think it might have been some kind of interpretation of The Origin of Species, but not following that text and with illustrations on every page. To this day, I can’t remember what book this was or find anything that satisfies my desire to provide the same sort of resource to my own son.

Well, there it is. Not a novel, but an idea. I’ll let you know where I go with this once I sit down to write tonight. Best of luck to all you other NaNoWriMo-ers out there.


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