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New Blog to watch – 100 Films in 100 Days

100 films is a brand-spankin’ new blog I’m following. Tonight is night one, so join me and get in on the ground floor as this poor sap tortures himself through 100 consecutive nights of movies.

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Diffusion Lab Rubric

For our diffusion lab using eggs, I would like each student to write up a short report following completion (approximately three weeks after starting). This report will be approximately one page (feel free to go over up to two pages) including the following:

Introduction / Background     5pts

Protocol Description             5pts

Data Reporting                     5pts

Conclusion / Discussion        5pts

+ 5 pts just for turning it in, for a total of 25 pts.

When you write this report,think about how this document should include all the information required for someone else to understand, what you did, why you did it, what results you saw and how you interpreted those results.

By the way, this is the greatest lab-themed video ever (This is what makes graduate students laugh and cry):

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