1023: The Limit of Credulity

19 Nov

An excellent essay on homeopathic medicine and the limits of dilution. Avogadro would be proud.

Cracked Science

I have already published a fairly detailed dismissal of the absurd claims of homeopathy on this site. If you are still indulging in homeopathic remedies after reading it, I would urge you to reread it and really concentrate.

There’s a fantastic campaign started three years ago by the Merseyside Skeptics Society in the United Kingdom, the aim of which is to raise awareness of the nature and ludicrousness of homeopathy. The campaign is titled “1023”. It accordingly takes place every year on October 23. One might ask, “Where does that number come from?”

Skimming through the skeptical literature, one cannot help but find multiple references to a scientist named Avogadro and how the preposterous serial dilutions required to generate homeopathic remedies go beyond Avogadro’s limit. The vast majority of these references are ambiguous at best and fail to properly explain the nature of this threshold and…

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